Morten Skouboe

Sound Designer - Gamer


Sammu is a game I'm developing in Unity, with some basic knowledge of C# programming and great passion for games. It's mainly a tool for me as a sound designer to experiment with game-audio. It started out as a project for an exam in Dynamic Game-Audio, I got so fond of that I continued developing.

The sound is created mostly from my own recorded material. The recordings range from bashing rocks together and making noises with my mouth, to throwing wooden sticks through a room. I especially like to create sounds from putting the recordings through granular resynthesis and tweaking them around.

However, a few sounds (such as the animals in the ambience) have been taken from sound libraries and put through audio processing.

In the game you play as a novice samurai, conveniently named Sammu (for now), who is sent on a great quest. He will venture through forests, dark dungeons and deserts in the search of new powers. The powers bestowed to him will make him a greater fighter, but more importantly, an agile one. Each ability will have a use in combat aswell as exploration.

Everything from the code, to the graphics and audio was created by me.


This is a prototype I created in a short time to experiment with music and atmosphere that was more evolving than my Sammu project.

The idea would be to have hundreds of planets to visit and terraform to make suitable for life. Your choices on these planets will affect the music and atmosphere of the game.

At this stage the choices are limited and same is the music, but a final version would have loads of plants and animals to unlock.

About me

I'm 23 years old and currently residing in Haderslev, Denmark, where I study sound design at Sonic College. Attending this school has helped me achieve better quality in sound and also learn the importance of communication in the business of sound.

I've been playing videogames since I was very young and I've always known I wanted to work with games in some shape or form. Go back 10 years from now and you'll find me drawing concept art for games, animating in flash, doing pixelart in MS paint and later on creating small 3D models on warcraft 3 modding sites. I loved the thrill of creating worlds for other to be immersed in - A thrill that has stuck with me to this day.

A few years later I would find passion in creating music and sounds. I find that sound is instrumental in creating immersion. So with my love for creating immersive worlds and playing videogames, it was a natural decision for me to take my audio in the direction of videogames.

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