Morten Skouboe

Sound Designer - Gamer

Unclaimed World - Sound design

Trailer video showcasing the game Unclaimed World. All sounds presented in the video, except music, have been either created or retouched by me.

During a four month internship, I worked on the sound of Unclaimed World as the only sound designer. At this time, the game was in Early Access on Steam, and updates were pushed out to players monthly. Upon entering the project, it had very little work done on the audio side, so there was a lot for me to do. I had limited resources available to produce and implement sound, but I made due with what I had. A few creature sounds and some of the construction sounds (manipulating metal, crackling wood, etc) were recorded by me and processed. But a majority of the sounds were created by processing and blending audio from soundlibraries and other pre-recorded sources. At the time of joining the project, it had very limited systems for implementing and playing sounds in their game engine. But in coorporation with the lead programmer, we created a few new systems that could better handle how sounds would be played, especially the environmental sounds, that resulted in an overall better immersive feel.

Unclaimed World is now released on Steam. Although the game may seem rough around the edges, I find it to be unique, immersive and with a wonderful atmosphere that I'm proud to have been a part of.

Unclaimed World on Steam

Bachelor Finals Project - Sound design, Audio-tool programming & Game design

Video showcasing a self-made game prototype, part of my final bachelors project in sound design. All the sound and game-design presented in the video is by me.

For my final bachelors project at Sonic College, I examined the effect that audio has on a player in competitive gaming, specifically fighting games. With competitive fighting games often being extremely technical and difficult, I wanted to find out how the audio reward players and provides immediate feedback to improve their skills. The prototype is built in Unity and written in C# over the span of a few months. The sounds are heavily influenced by the combat sounds in Ultra Street Fighter IV, putting sounds like claps, slaps and whipcracks through some heavy processing of distortion and compression to reach the result. The audio is implemented with a blend of my own written audiosystems and the built-in Unity audio functionalities.

Sammu - Sound design & Game design

Video showcasing a level of a self-made game prototype. All the sound and game-design presented in the video is by me.

Sammu is a game that started out as an exam project, on working with dynamic audio. After the exam ended, I continued working on the project to experiment with new ways of implementing audio. The prototype is built in Unity, written in C#. The audio was created with a blend of synthesis and recorded sound. Most of the sounds that involve swooshes and rock impacts were recorded by me, while the rest came from libraries and other sources from the internet, that were put through blending and processing. The audio is implemented using mainly the built-in Unity audio tools.

Godhand Sound - design & Game design

Video showcasing a self-made game prototype. All the sound and game-design presented in the video is by me.

GodHand was a game challenge I set myself. I took 3 days to create a game experience that would revolve more around dynamic and evolving music than I had previously done. The goal was to create a game, where the player can visit and terraform planets to their liking. The choices made on the planets would affect the overall sound and ambience of the game. The tree and animal sounds are from sounds found online which was then processed. All music and ambience are created entirely by synthesis. The prototype is built in Unity, written in C#. The audio is implemented using the built-in Unity audio tools and Tazman-Audio's Fabric sound engine.

About me

I'm 26 years old and living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I studied sounddesign at Sonic College and graduated in 2016. I've worked with audio for about 10 years. Having been a gamer all my life, I decided to combine the two things and now I strive to work with audio in games. To me, gaming is the ultimate interactive experience that has the ability to immerse you in ways that other media cannot. Great sound design can take that immersive experiences to a whole new level, and this is what I aim to achieve.

I am proficient at working with games in the Unity engine and coding in C#. I cannot brag about having the experience or know-how to work with every tool out there for gamedevelopment or sound design. But I'm an eager and active learner - and in my understanding, a great deal of gamedevelopment is about learning new tools and ways to solve problems. I spend a lot of my time working on little game projects to hone my skills, both in gamedesign and sound. Having done this over several years, aswell as having interned on a game, has lead me to realize a few crucial things. One, to never grow too attached to personal ideas - if they don't work, kill it and move on. Two, the process of implementing sound into a game and testing it, is just as important as producing the sound itself - What you think sounds good outside of the game, might not work inside the game.

I wish to keep learning new things about games and sound every day. If you have a project you believe I can contribute to and learn from, please feel free to contact me!

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